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Our Story - Paul's vision

Our founder – the late Rev. Paul Sinclair was a powerhouse, and a force to be reckoned with. Lovingly referred to as the ‘Faster Pastor’, Pauls larger than life infectious character is what brought Motorcycle Funerals into existence and to the success it is today.

After a biking accident in London, Paul had a vision whilst recovering in hospital. As a life-long biker, Paul started to think about how he’d like to leave this world. He was so inspired, he put pen to paper and began the process of designing his very first dedicated motorcycle hearse. One we still have to this day.

Fast forward, and after many long days (and nights) of making sure it was just right, Paul got Motorcycle Funerals up and running. Interest grew and within those first few year’s TV appearances became the norm as Paul’s energy drove MCF forwards and his vision of bikers having a dignified final ride became a reality. Soon there was a whole fleet of Motorcycle Hearses, supporting families and Funeral Directors, right across the UK.

MCF was built on the longing of those who had been brought up with motorbikes or having ridden in a sidecar, wanted that nostalgia of travelling to a funeral service. Also, from men and women who were never ‘allowed’ to experience for themselves the freedom of a motorbike but wanted something different for their departure. In truth though, Paul built our company because ultimately, it was the way he wanted to go, and what a send-off that was.

Paul and I were married for over 18 years, and Motorcycle Funerals was at the very centre of us working together in, and for the community. Little did I know back then that I was going to lose Paul to Glioblastoma – grade 4 (brain tumour), when we were still so young. Paul went on that last dignified final ride as he wanted, and he left me with a legacy that I
cherish every single day.

Rev. Paul Sinclair Motorcycle Funerals

Marians Story - Paul's Legacy

Paul was a larger than life character, also an inspiring entrepreneur, full of life, passion and zeal. Following his passing in 2019, I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to continue, as we are both passionate about serving.

“I did not want to let all his hard work go in vain. In fact, I took over just weeks after my loss and did my best to resume work as usual for the families that needed us.”

It’s been more than three years now since we lost Paul, and it’s been quite a journey. I like to think he would be proud of not just how we carried on, but how we came through the pandemic and reinvented ourselves as a specialist hearse company with a fleet of 15 hearses, not just for bikers, but for anyone who wants something special .

As for myself, I am not what is generally expected when people think of ‘a funeral person’. The fact is, everyday is a learning experience, and I travel a lot, to exhibitions, conferences, and funeral directors around the UK, introducing myself and Motorcycle funerals to them.

As to the future, my vision is to carry on this amazing Legacy of providing professionally built motorcycle hearses, up to par with any four wheeled ones. I do see a future with more wonderful bikes, electric and more sustainable versions, and of course always retaining the highest standards and reliability.

With more than twenty years under our belts, we are totally committed to making sure the legend lives on. It’s an honour to continue to serve.

My Christian faith helps me serve families with passion and zeal.

After I buried my husband I threw myself into work that is how I dealt with my grief.

Taking on the mantle was challenging however, I did not have to think twice about it .

This was my late husband’s baby, but the fact that we both were and are passionate about serving and I still am, somehow did not make the mission or mantle seem so daunting.

One thing is for certain, none of us can replace the late Revving Rev but we certainly caught the vision to run with it and continue to serve families, with passion and zeal during what can sometimes be a challenging or even traumatic period.



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