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We work with your chosen funeral director to give your person a dignified final ride

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When Someone Dies

A Fitting Farewell

When someone dies, we appreciate that for the majority of people, time is of the essence.

We appreciate arranging a funeral service is generally quite a quick process which is why Motorcycle Funerals operates every day of the week so we are available to speak to you or your funeral director without any delay.

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Working with Your Funeral Director

We work with funeral directors across the UK to offer a unique carriage service to take a person on their dignified final ride.

As the modern inventors of the motorcycle hearse and the master carriage masters who not only provide them for hire, but we make them from scratch ourselves.

Not only do we supply these beautiful machines for funeral services, we are also available to hire for motorcycle shows, events, country fairs, photoshoots and TV appearances.

Your Questions Answered

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Absolutely! It is one of the things we love about our hearses is that a family member or friend can be right beside them on their last journey. All we ask is that they provide their own crash helmet and are appropriately dressed for the weather. We have had 11 year old children ride with us all the way up to a lady who was 90 years old. The legal requirement is you must be able to touch the footpegs.

Of course. While we have XXXX hearses, we do recommend your funeral director calls us before booking the date and time of the service if there is a specific bike you would like. This is so we can make sure there is one available for you.

We only take bookings from a funeral director unless a family is arranging a funeral service without using one. This is because we have a lot of questions that need to be answered but also we need specific timings that a funeral director is responsible for. We are happy to contact your funeral director and talk everything through with them if you would like us to but a formal booking must come from the funeral director.

From the outside, our hearses don’t look huge. However, you would be surprised just how accommodating they can be. The maximum coffin we can take is XXXX x XXXXX. We do also have a Trike hearse if you require something longer or wider to take a person on their final ride.

It isn’t possible to have prices online from every town or village in the country. Our costs are worked out on mileage as well as time. When we have more service details from a funeral director, we work out the cost while they are on the telephone with us and give them the costs for their clients to approve. We are always completely transparent with costs when we have all of the information we need.


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