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A Dignified Final Ride

triumph bonneville

The 2 Wheel Send off

At Motorcycle Funerals, all of our riders have had their own motorcycles for years. Biking is a pleasure. It’s something we do for fun both alone and in groups. There is something about riding a motorcycle that people who don’t ride just can’t quite understand.

We have had the pleasure of riding on a warm summer’s day and equally, we have been caught out and got drenched. We look out the window to see what the weather is like and on the cold winter days, add a few layers so we can make the most of the winter sun.

We are like you. We are bikers.

A Service Like No Other

Expert Trained for The Final Ride

Our hearses really are something different though. Not many people have ridden a motorbike and sidecar or “combination” before so it takes some serious training to be able to ride them.

The way they are set up. The way we have to push and pull through corners. The way we use all of the brakes to maximum advantage and also the way we have to ride slowly are all things we have to learn.

When we take anyone on their last journey, it is always special whether they rode a bike or not. When it is a biker and their friends escort us, we know just how meaningful that is for everyone.

Triumph Thunderbird

How it Works

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Working with Your Funeral Director

We work with funeral directors across the UK to offer a unique carriage service to take a person on their dignified final ride.

As the modern inventors of the motorcycle hearse and the master carriage masters who not only provide them for hire, but we make them from scratch ourselves.

Not only do we supply these beautiful machines for funeral services, we are also available to hire for motorcycle shows, events, country fairs, photoshoots and TV appearances.

Your Questions Answered

While we wish this was possible, only our fully trained members of staff can ride the hearses. It takes serious training to be able to do so.

We are able to take a person pillion providing they are wearing clothing appropriate for the weather and provide their own helmet.

Absolutely! This is something we love to do and have done so in the past. We have taken people on the route they usually rode which has lasted over an hour before the funeral service.

We have taken people around their club race track and even around Donnington Race Course before a funeral service has started. Whatever you want, we will always try to accommodate.

It’s really difficult to know which bikes people want. With such a selection out there, it is impossible to have every make and model of motorcycle hearse. The way they are built and set up, it isn’t possible to unclip a bike and clip another one on.

That, said we help you say farewell to the departed ones in style with our amazing Triumph motorcycle and sidecar hearses!

Our most popular bike, the Bonneville – as seen on TV – is backed up by two other behemoths of classic British engineering: The Thunderbird Cruiser for an authentic experience or the Speed Triple to honor your cherished memories.

Make a bold statement during this tender time!


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