Some of the photographs and kind words sent to us by families and funeral directors:

“May I just say that Paul Sinclair did a lovely funeral for my mum. It was personal to us and the best choice for us and for mum. Thank you Paul. xx” Joy

“A huge thank you for taking my dad on his last journey in a sidecar and letting my brother ride pillion, you made our day very special x.” Sheila 

“Your driver was fantastic for my step dad’s funeral. .. keen motorcyclist and banger racer. so he chose to combine his 2 passions. Excellent service. Thank you.” Melisa 

“Paul was amazing at my daughters funeral. I rode pillion as we blasted down the motorway the looks form car drivers was so funny. I was so pleased that I was able to keep my promise to her to let her have a ride on a bike like her mam.” Brenda 

“Thank you everyone for the awesome send off for my son Mick. They allowed the procession to do a lap of honour around the airfield with a stop at the quiet end to reflect on Mick’s life, then a quick dash along the runway heading back, the speed thing did not stop there, if the bike escorts were not going fast enough the sidecar passed them, all this on the A64 Mick must have been loving it, how the vicar has not lost his licence I will never know.” Gordon 

“I was lucky enough to have a request for a motorcycle hearse for a funeral. Paul’s expertise was invaluable, especially as this funeral posed a number of logistical problems, all of which were handled sensitively and with a minimum of fuss. The family were delighted we could fulfil their son’s wishes, the motorbike cortege that followed us were delighted that we did an extraordinary ‘last blast’ (thus ensuring I became unofficially the fastest funeral director in the world) and I was just delighted I managed to hold on! It was one of the most memorable funerals I conducted and with Paul’s help it was remarkably straightforward. Great work.” Claire – Funeral Director

“These guys did my friends funeral last week in Sheffield, a great send off for my best friend.” Matt

“An absolute amazing sight and sound. I saw your Suzuki Hayabusa at a local crematorium I worked at in North Lanarkshire. A fantastic and fitting tribute to the gentleman who passed away. Good work and very professional.” Aileen 

“Thank you for taking my son Jamie on his last ride on 13th April. It had been a wish he made while driving his bus just hours before passing away. It was a perfect goodbye on the saddest day of my life. Ride safe x.” Sue 

“Thank you for today. It was perfect. RIP Jacob.” Alison 

“You recently did a close friends funeral and I know its the way Mick wanted to travel to the Crem thank you.” Jon 

“Excellent job today in Leamington, Christian did a fantastic job. Beautiful day for it too.” George – Funeral Director 

“Watched the Great Little Britons programme the other night, thought you definitely deserved to win! Well done.” Joanna 

“Congratulations on winning 1st prize in the great funeral awards you were undoubtably the deserved winner brilliant well done.” Tina 

“I would just like to thank Paul and Motorcycle Funerals for there part in Mick Alison’s send off today it was dignified and fun all at the same time just what Mick would have wanted and the run down the A64 with the bike escort was fantastic. Thank you.” Trevor – Straightliners 

“Thank you Paul Sinclair for helping give Michael the send off he so rightly deserved, I don’t think we could have done him any better! Thank You.” Fred

“Thank you so much for today. The Family and Friends Express their thanks with comments of being a fantastic sight to watch you ride into the crematorium having The Wife as pillion enabling her to join her Husband on his final ride. Well done. All the best.” Rafael. Angels Funerals Maidstone 

“Just want to say a huge thank you for providing bike and rider for my dad’s funeral on 10th March all went well thank you xxx” Katy 

“Thanks for your help once again Paul. This funeral was truly unique. Thanks to your team.” Matthew – Funeral Director 

“I just wanted to say on behalf of all the Mills family a big thank you, for your service today. It made a hard day a little easier knowing we were sending him off in such style, and I know that he would have given it a big thumbs up.” Amanda

“A fitting tribute to a keen motorcycle enthusiast. Thank you to Motorcycle Funerals Limited for supplying the bike and rider.” D.J Bewley. – Funeral Director

“Four years ago my brother sadly passed away. We asked Paul to not only supply his sidecar hearse but to also carry out the service at the church. Although my brother had his own ideas about religion I’m sure he would have appreciated the kind words that were said and the way in which Paul carried out the service. Even though it was a very sad day Paul brought back many happy memories to put smiles on the mourners faces. Not sure if Ozzy Osbourne gets played much in churches but it was that day! It was an honour to ride pillion behind Paul and beside my brother on his final ride…….and I must say……I enjoyed the “few last blasts” along the way. I know my brother would have loved, not only that, but he would have found the closing of the local town due to lots of motorcyclists being there and us ending up with an unexpected police escort hilarious! Thanks Paul.” Lisa 

“Thank you for supplying my fathers final ride on the Triumph yesterday. He would’ve been absolutely delighted to arrive in such style.”

“Would like to say a big Thanks to Trevor for The Funeral on Wednesday the family were absolutely over the moon with the last blast on the bypass. Lovely to finally use your services.” Emma – Funeral Director

Paul and Motorcycle Funerals Ltd. helped me fulfil family’s wishes on several occasions…. the attention to detail, the expertise and the “last blast” made for a truly memorable event. I remember turning my head just before one particular “last blast” and seeing the 40 strong convoy revving up behind us….This was my first EVER ride on a motorbike and I still get goosebumps thinking about it. The photograph shows Paul checking and re-checking everything – instilling confidence as he goes. Your services really make a difference, not only for the families but for everyone involved in such a difficult time. Thank you for doing what you do ….keep doing it.” Louise – Funeral Director 

“Was great to see you at Ingleston yesterday Paul! Brought back many memories of Cookies send off… You did him proud hun. So glad you are providing this service… A very personalised and special way to celebrate a life.. :0) x” Sam 

“Excellent job you do. Proud to be associated with you.” Classic Bikers Club

2002 – 2020

“You were amazing, especially for towing my husband’s trike the last quarter mile! They did a story in our local paper and the bike looks great.”

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